Hope for the Whole Person – Watch the Video

Hope for the Whole Person – Watch the Video

There is hope for the whole individual. We believe that in order to be successful, a treatment plan must include wrap-around care. This wrap around care is created to suit the individual’s unique needs.

It is vital for us to learn and to get to know each individual who comes into our care, because no two people’s struggles are exactly the same. What separates us, is that we utilize our sober living homes, in order to get to know our patients on a much deeper level, by understanding what they need on a daily basis

Aside from simply treating substance abuse, part of our mission is to find avenues for people to develop skills and help them figure out how and when to use them. We believe that substance abuse is just a coping mechanism, and everyone handles trauma differently. Our work is to help patients re-write those experiences in their brains to begin the healing process.

What our patients are saying:

“An incredible curriculum…I feel like I was adopted into a family. They guide you in a way that allows you to really discover who you are and what you want. That’s what’s cool about SLO. They give you a treatment center that is alternative in a way – you do so many fun things here. They give you that family aspect too, they’re not just staff on site. They become like friends or family you call anytime.“

For many people, treatment is a life or death situation. From that first phone call until discharge, our patients are loved, heard, and understood. We are here for you, and you aren’t alone.

Check out our video and learn more about our approach and treatment philosophy or get in touch today to begin the rest of your life.