Isn’t It Time You Got Free?

Isn’t It Time You Got Free?

Let’s face it – everyone feels the weight of tough times. And for most people, these times have been tougher than ever.

The last few months have been emotionally charged, to say the least. The year kicked off with intense political division, only to be quickly followed by a terrifying virus pandemic that overtook the globe. Then came job losses and insecurity for millions, followed by some serious social upheaval – all of which most of us have never experienced in our lifetimes. Everyone’s feeling it.

2020 so far has been marked by heightened isolation, anxiety, depression, and animosity for many. But for addicts and alcoholics, being under pressure almost always results in getting loaded. Big feelings like this are often better left unfelt – or so we think. In an effort to avoid discomfort and despair, we self-medicate and try to dodge the painful sting of reality. Unfortunately – it doesn’t quite work. Or it doesn’t work for long enough.

If you’ve gotten to the end of your rope and your old coping methods aren’t cutting it, maybe now is the time to be catapulted into change.

Here is the good news: there is opportunity in your struggle. We found that when drinking and drugs stopped taking the edge off, change was the only option left. We desperately needed another way to successfully face reality – or “life on life’s terms.”

Isn’t It Time You Got Free?

So where does that leave you? Well, we’d propose that there is a better way. When we stop treating our discomfort with drinking, drugs, or bad behavior, we can find big, real, lasting solutions. Solutions that can give us some true freedom, and the ability to face life head on – whatever comes.

Here is what we know about getting sober and getting better: when we put down the drink and the drugs, and take an honest, hard look at ourselves, we can find ourselves on a path that really goes somewhere. It’s hard work, and there is no way around it – finding lasting recovery often means taking stock, cleaning up the past, and finding new ways to face life.

But what we can promise in exchange for your efforts is the ability to live at peace with yourself and the world around you—no matter what is going on. That includes in the face of global pandemics, protest movements, jobs, relationships, or whatever else you might encounter. We can find a way to live in real freedom and be finally at home in the world.

For most of us, we found that addiction was just a symptom of a deeper problem. Call it anxiety, depression, trauma, isolation, or just an existential discomfort that needed treating. What rehab and recovery offer is a more sustainable, authentic way to treat that problem at its roots – not just at its symptoms. When we find a new way to live, we discover that there is nothing left to “treat” – and no more need to self-medicate. When offered connection, healthy relationships, and a guidebook for comfortable, sober living there was nowhere to go but up.

If the life you’ve been living isn’t working, SLO Recovery offers a path out. Our experienced staff has traveled this road, and will walk shoulder to shoulder with you as you rebuild your world and create a better one.

We offer solutions-focused drug and alcohol treatment in the heart of the Pacific Northwest, and use our decades of experience to connect people with real answers.

SLO Recovery has convened a world-class team of professional staff and clinicians to offer trauma-informed, evidenced-based, and results-driven treatment in Northeast Portland. We offer a full range of treatment levels, from residential to extended care, to meet people where they are with a treatment plan that works for them. We are deeply committed to driving change and delivering hope with integrity and experience.

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