Why Addressing Trauma During Substance Abuse Treatment is Essential

Why Addressing Trauma During Substance Abuse Treatment is Essential

Consider this: 75% of people undergoing addiction treatment report a history of trauma. The risk for substance abuse rises by as much as four times for people who experienced trauma early in life. For those who experienced multiple or repeated traumatic events—this risk can rise tenfold.

Obviously, there is a correlation between trauma and the potential for substance abuse. Because these two issues are so closely intertwined, treating substance abuse without giving a nod to underlying trauma will usually be incomplete. Getting help from a trusted source that has the language, resources, and framework for this comprehensive healing approach is crucial to success.

Treat Your Trauma

At SLO Recovery, we offer trauma-informed, co-occurring treatment for people with dual diagnosis, depression, anxiety, and mood disorders. We realize that for many, addiction treatment will only be effective if it addresses underlying issues that can get in the way of lasting recovery. At SLO, we create comprehensive treatment plans to treat the whole person. We see the big picture, and give our patients the support and resources they need to have the best possible shot at lives that are whole, healthy, and happy.

Given the strong association between addiction and trauma, it is essential that treatment includes comprehensive solutions. Trauma and addiction are best treated when approached as co-occurring and interrelated issues. When people don’t meet their terror, shame, fear, and isolation, it is difficult to create comfortable and sustainable sobriety. Trauma victims who use drugs or alcohol are generally looking to find short-lived solace from an internal experience that is unbearable. This is where we come in. Our work is to help people find their way to lasting recovery through integrative care that begins from the ground up.

“Through our unique, holistic, multi-disciplinary approach, we seek to provide HOPE FOR THE WHOLE PERSON”

— Todd Flynn, Executive Director

We’ve Got You

Our comprehensive approach begins at intake. We screen for trauma during our initial assessment and have developed thorough and attentive programming to meet our patients wherever they are. We offer Seeking Safety groups that build coping skills in a secure environment. We emphasize patient-centered care, and a customized approach using tools like Motivational Interviewing and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. When appropriate, we team up with behavioral health professionals, creating a bridge to give our patients the continuing care they need to recover and thrive. Our mental health focus forms the third spoke of our care, alongside our comprehensive substance abuse treatment and physical recovery model.

This mind, body, spirit approach gives people the foundation they need to meaningfully transform their lives and take their fresh start out into the world. We integrate yoga, physical fitness, mindfulness, Non-Violence Communication Skills, and meditation – all essential tools for positive change and forward momentum. Drawing on decades of experience, our staff brings compassion and expertise to drug and alcohol treatment, right here in Oregon. We set you up with the foundation you need for success – so you can get well and stay well.

If you are ready to make a change and haven’t been able to do it on your own, reach out. We would love to hear from you.