Getting Sober During COVID-19

Getting Sober During COVID-19

Some say, “what a tough time to get sober”. The question we ask, “is anytime an easy time to get sober?”

Addiction creates absolute chaos in every area of the life of an addict. Usually the addict has a criminal stuff going on. The addict has issues within its family relationships. Jobs are lost. Places to live have been forfeited.

Anytime the addict is going to get clean and sober, they are in the middle of a crisis. All that COVID-19 has done is it has created more hurdles to jump through in order to get the help that is needed in order to save their life. This is a life and death errand that we are on. The addict has lost all hope and has no more solutions for their life. It is up to us, at SLO Recovery Center, to provide the addict with a way out of addiction through the hurdles of COVID-19.

COVID-19 is a major issue that we don’t want to minimize the devastation that it has caused us in our great country. The total deaths from COVID-19 are 81,289 up to this point that you read this article. In 2019, it is estimated that 157,029 people died from drug overdoses and alcohol related incidents. Both are devastating, but drug and alcohol related deaths have decreased 2.7% as a result of drug/alcohol and mental health treatment.

Life is about calculated risks. The disease of addiction is one of isolation. Addiction is only increasing due to the restrictions that have been placed on society as a whole. The addict has a higher change of dying from addiction then COVID-19 at the crisis point in their life when they know they need help. The window of opportunity is small for the addict when they ask for help.

The time is now.

Treatment is a great beginning, as it will create the structure that is needed in order for the new addict to feel safe. The addict needs to feel safe in order to begin to uncover the trauma that they have experienced. The addict needs the structure, so that they learn a daily living schedule to keep them occupied, which will help with anxiety and that flight reaction to leave. The addict will be separated from drugs and alcohol long enough that they will begin to build self-esteem.

SLO Recovery Center has put in place all of the social distancing guidelines in place at the center in order for us to still run groups and to do its one on one sessions with therapists and counselors. We have followed all of the guidelines in order to keep the facility clean to prevent the spread of the virus. All patients and staff are directed to wear masks and use hand sanitizer in order to keep everyone safe. We believe in taking the calculated risk in order to save the life of the addict who has a higher chance of dying due to their addiction.

Recovery communities, such as 12 step community, are an excellent resource to use in order for the addict to maintain long term useful recovery. These communities allow the addict to have a fellowship of other addicts who are on the same path with them to help them feel connected. These communities allow opportunities to be of service to one another giving the addict purpose in life. These communities provide a design for living that maintains long term recovery.

The 12-step community has taken a hit as well by COVID-19. They have taken actions in order to help those that are struggling with addiction. The meetings have all been moved to zoom, which is an online service. These meetings range from 2-1000 members. Addicts are able to connect with other. They are able to ask for help. Members in these communities are willing to help anyone that is struggling.

Addiction is difficult to overcome. COVID-19 has made it more of a challenge to get clean and sober. The front lines of both diseases are here to save lives. We on the addiction front line, believe that no matter what, we will jump in the firing line to help an addict recover. We will continue to fight for the lives of addicts who want help. We will continue to fight active addiction in spite of COVID-19.

What are you willing to do?

Perspective is a choice, that you have the ability to change with the help of others. Is it worth the calculated risk in order to recover?